Monday, October 18, 2010

SketchBomb Success!


Hey gang!

Quick updates...

SketchBomb: Sacramento kicked off on Friday with it's first get-together. Hainanu did an great job getting it together and it was a blast. It was only the first one and there were about 20 people there... that's awesome! We had some really fun topics and I'll post up my work from it ASAP. Thanks to everyone who came out. It was cool to meet so many new people.

Secondly, Saturday was SketchBomb: San Francisco and it was our APE edition. We were busting at the seams at 35 people! It was our biggest yet and it was so cool to see the new faces. If we keep this up we will most definitely be moving to a new location. It's always great to report on such positive things... so exciting!

Well, for now I'm out. I have a TON of work to jump on tomorrow but I promise to get the Sketchbomb work up. Don't forget: You can stay up to date with all SketchBomb goings-ons at The Official SketchBomb Blog

Thanks, gang!


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