Tuesday, June 21, 2011

SketchBomb SF: This Saturday!


Attention People of Earth!

Well, specifically San Francisco/Bay Area: It's that time again... A new month, a new SketchBomb!

This Month's SketchBomb will be held on Saturday, June 25th. Like always it will be at the Grove at 3rd and Mission in San Francisco at 8 PM Map Here SketchBomb is an open-invitation to any artist of any skill-level to come out and have a good time and sketch. Post any questions you have in this journal so we can get it all out in the open.

Ryan will take point on this one and there will be theusual familiar faces from SketchBomb.

How it works: We usually alternate between timed themes and free sketching and we always have Show and Yell so people can check out everyone's work.

The Grove has been super-awesome to us. I want SketchBomb to continue to bring them business and great vibes, too. They have good food, alcohol (but you don't have to be 21 to attend), and a bunch of other stuff so it would be great if we all got a few drinks or some food or whatever to thank them for the roof (and so we don't over-stay our welcome).

It'll be a good time!

See ya there!


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