Monday, December 6, 2010

SketchBomb - San Francisco: this Saturday!


Attention People of Earth!

Wel, specifically San Francisco/Bay Area: It's that time again... A new month, a new SketchBomb!

This Month's SketchBomb will be held on Saturday, December 11th. Like always it will be at the Grove at 3rd and Mission in San Francisco at 8 PM. Map here. SketchBomb is an open-invitation to any artist of any skill-level to come out and have a good time and sketch. Post any questions you have in thi journal so we can get it all out in the open.

Ryan, DJ, and I will be there as usual as well as the usual familiar faces from SketchBomb like SketchBomb: Sacramento founder Hainanu Saulque, Justin Orr, Junior Bruce, Alphonso Cornelius, Glen Miles, and many more!

How it works: We usually alternate between timed themes and free sketching and we always have Show and Yell so people can check out everyone's work.

The Grove has been super-awesome to us. I want SketchBomb to continue to bring them business and great vibes, too. They have good food, alcohol (but you don't have to be 21 to attend), and a bunch of other stuff so it would be great if we all got a few drinks or some food or whatever to thank them for the roof (and so we don't over-stay our welcome).

I am going to have copies of my new Art Book "FaceBomb: The Art of Mike Henry" for sale! If you want to nab up a copy there let me know so I bring enough. They are $25 a piece, 76 pages, Hardcover, Full color, and I'll do a sketch in each one!

It'll be a good time!

Feel free to re-post this journal to get the attention stirrin'. Stay tuned to this blog: The Official SketchBomb Blog for all things SketchBomb!

See ya there!


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