Tuesday, December 7, 2010

SketchBomb Weekend!

We trust everyone had a great Thanksgiving and wish you all a amazing Christmas & New Year.

This month jumped up on us pretty quick, So we apologize for the late invites. We will be doing an another double SketchBomb weekend. We will be having our SketchBomb Sacramento this Friday (10th) before SF's SketchBomb on Saturday.

We will be meeting @
Tupelo Coffee House
5700 Elvas Ave.
Friday Dec. 10th - 8ish to 11pm

Hope to see you there, and if any of you are able and willing come through to the original SketchBomb in SF.

Info Here: http://sketchbomb-sf.deviantart.com/blog/36747245/

Feel free to re-post this journal to get the attention stirrin'. Stay tuned to The Official SketchBomb Blog for all things SketchBomb!

Blog: http://thesketchbomb.blogspot.com/

See ya there!

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